The New Mexico Bible School

The New Mexico Pioneer Christadelphian Bible School offers a unique get-away from the world similar to the Feast of Tabernacles celebrated in Biblical times. Here brethren and friends enjoy a week of Bible study, fellowship, and recreation together in the peaceful Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico.

NMBS 2018

Saturday, July 21 – Friday, July 27


Adult: Brother Jerry Markwith, Brother David Hamlin, Brother Jim Pidcock
Ages 16-19:  Brother Josh Vest, Brother Jonathan Walker, Brother Art Sankey
Ages 13-15:
 Brother Jason Bland, Brother Zak Vest, Brother Joel Northey
Ages 10-12:  Sister Teddi Metzer, Sister Suzanne Pidcock, Sister Dee Forbes
Ages 7-9: Sister Shawna Wells, Sister Dana Wells, Sister Brenna Fitzgerald

Ages 5-6:  Sister Kathleen Wells, Sister Jeri Walker, Sister Chrystal Vandergriff, Sister Cory Love, Ages 3-4:  Sister Lynda Vest, Sister Becky Walker, Sister Mary Jane Vest

Sunday School:  Ages 3-4:  Sister Bobbi Glendening, Ages 5-6:  Sister Kathleen Wells, Ages 7-9:  Sister Judy Bouma, Ages 10-12:  Sister Patsy Brown

Please note that after you register online you should get a confirmation email from Nancy, the registrar.  Please remember to indicate your children’s ages after their names and specify your accommodations.  Thank you!


Download the PDF forms   Registration  |  Child Authorization


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