The New Mexico Bible School

The New Mexico Pioneer Christadelphian Bible School offers a unique get-away from the world similar to the Feast of Tabernacles celebrated in Biblical times. Here brethren and friends enjoy a week of Bible study, fellowship, and recreation together in the peaceful Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico.

What a blessing our 2018 Bible School was!  Lots of wonderful classes, fellowship, and great memories.  Thank you to everyone for attending, and thank you to all the teachers and helpers!  

We have included the new pictures uploaded for this year 2018.  Hope you can enjoy the new albums.

NMBS 2019

Saturday, July 20 – Friday, July 26


Ages 16-19:  
Ages 13-15:

Ages 10-12:  
Ages 7-9: 

Ages 3-4:  

Sunday School:

Please note that after you register online you should get a confirmation email from Nancy, the registrar.  Please remember to indicate your children’s ages after their names and specify your accommodations.  Thank you!


Download the PDF forms   Registration  |  Child Authorization

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