The New Mexico Bible School

The New Mexico Pioneer Christadelphian Bible School offers a unique get-away from the world similar to the Feast of Tabernacles celebrated in Biblical times. Here brethren and friends enjoy a week of Bible study, fellowship, and recreation together in the peaceful Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico.

2019 Album available for viewing.  Link for videos above.

Lord willing, 2022’s Bible School will be held July 23-29.  We hope to see you all there. Should we need to cancel due to health reasons related to COVID-19, those registered will be contacted. All are welcome to attend; please see our fellowship policy and registration page for more information and to register.  Further questions can be directed to our registrar, Sis.Bobbi Glendening (575)491-2664   – stay safe and well.

In the One Hope We Share, The La Luz Ecclesia

TEACHERS for 2022 Lord Willing

Adult: Brother Josh Vest, Brother Ken Wood , Brother Robby Bennett

Ages 16-19: Brother Tanner Hawkins  ,Brother Zak Vest  , Brother
Ages 13-15: Brother Thomas Fletcher , Brother Blake Aaron, Brother Jason Bland
Ages 10-12:  Sister Teddi Metzer, Sister Dee Forbes, Sister Suzanne Pidcock,

Ages 7-9: Sister Lauren Fletcher  , Sister  Brooke Bland  , Sister Shawna Wells
Ages 4-6: Sister Kathy Washeck   , Sister Marijane Vest  , Sister  Dana Wells 


Sunday School:  Age 5-6:  Sister Kathleen and Brother Foye Wells, Age 7-9:  Sister Judy Bouma, Age 10-12:  Sister Shawna Wells

Recreation Schedule for 2021

Sunday:  Horseback Riding, Evening Hayride
Monday:  Volleyball Tournament, Children’s Craft, Evening Young Peoples’ Devotion
Tuesday:  Western Games, Evening Jewish and Folk Dancing, Hot Fudge Sundaes
Wednesday:  Big Hike with Meal in 16 Springs Canyon, Evening Young Peoples’ Devotion

Thursday:  4 on 4 Mixed Volleyball Tournament, Children’s Craft, Evening Music Night
Friday:  White Sands Picnic 

Please note that after you register online you should get a confirmation email from the registrar.  Please remember to indicate your children’s ages after their names and specify your accommodations.  Thank you!


Download the PDF forms   Registration  |  Child Authorization

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